14 Day FREE TRIAL!  The Freedom Frameworks!
Build A Profitable Coaching Business People Will Move Mountains To Experience!
....without wasting more valuable time trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together!
Well...Things probably aren't going the way you envisioned it!
What was to be the solution for the chaotic life, is now the very thing causing the most stress!

You need a coaching business that can make an impact without all the wasted time and overwhelm...

But up until now...the journey has been too complicated, confusing, and overcrowded - and just hasn't worked quite the way you've envisioned.
And It's Even Worse When You Don't Know What To Focus On!
"Should I Build A Tribe, Should I Advertise, Should I Blog, Should I Update My Website" .....UGH!
You don't have time or money for yet another course!  Most online courses are really bad.  They give you pieces of the puzzle, without detail...without frameworks....without the "how".

And even if you did have the time or money - where would you begin to make changes?  The online world is so expansive....it seems there is a zillion places to start, but choosing the wrong one leads to doing everything over...and over...and over! So frustrating!

How do I know....

I was in your position....and it was awful....and then it got worse....

There's a saying "it always gets worse before it gets better"....

...That's a horrible saying...

...unfortunately, it was true for me...

...but I knew deep down, it shouldn't have to be that way...

...and I would always see other coaches who didn't seem to struggle as much
Not Being "In The Know" Is Awful....
The Worst Feeling Is When It Seems Everyone Else Knows The Secret And You Don't. I Felt The Same Way! ...
At first I thought it was all fake....

...I thought nobody really made changing money in the online coaching space...

It felt like a big conspiracy!!

But then I started to doubt myself...

...what really seemed to be working for others wasn't working for me...

I was as frustrated as it gets....

Then I had the moment....the moment of clarity...the solution was in front of my face the entire time.

I Thought About What Had Always Worked For Me In The Offline World....
And How I Could Put That Success To Work For Me In My Online Coaching Business...

I Quickly Realized A Few Things...
It doesn't have to be so complex....

It doesn't have to take all your free time...

It doesn't have to mean sacrificing world-class

It wasn't about me doing more....

it was about doing the right things...right.

It was about going back to what I knew would always produce results...

"Kevin, I've worked on these questions for YEARS and just love, love, love how simple you make it for us! So detailed, what other coaches don't give us because they probably know most aren't willing to dig deep.  It's great to see you are willing to sweat it out with us.  This is taking me to the next level...thank you for the structure and the wonderfully visible templates!

Thanks for not "dumbing down" the info - for giving it to us whole and making it so simple.  I appreciate it - you...truly." 

- Amy D.   (Therapist and Coach to Entrepreneurs and Entertainers)
Kevin Shabaar Smith
I am not a big fan of touting educational credentials. I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the ability to help others comes from empathy, understanding, experience and reflection. When we take all of that and structure it in a way that others can tap into - we wind up with something that no certificate or degree can express. 

However, I do appreciate how credentials begin to build the bridge of trust....so here are just some of mine.....

M.B.A. - Penn State University
B.A. - Business Finance
B.A - Business Management
A.S.A - Information Systems
Certified Human Capital Strategist
Certified John C. Maxwell Trainer and Executive Coach
Certified Senior Professional of Human Resources
Certified Myers-Briggs Administrator
Certified Lean Operations Champion
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

"Thank you for the kindness and generosity you have shown me...

YOUR COACHING ROCKS!  The value from our recent session is going to help my business explode! It's palpable!!  Your perspective is fresh and brilliant!  ...and you are relatable and kind.

The ideas are exapansive and the creativity is flowing - Thank you, thank you!  People really should pay whatever you ask...you're amazing!

-  Niomi L  (Holistic Wellness Coach)
So What Would It Look Like If You Could Truly Have More Without All The Overwhelm?
Imagine what it would be like if you could usher in more revenue, uncover more free time, and deliver game-changing impact for your clients....

...and actually see your coaching program grow into the business you've always dreamed of?

Imagine a world where YOU decide how you work, when you work - and who you work with...

....and how amazing it would be to have all this without wasting any more of your valuable time

When Your Have This Freedom In Your World, You Become A Better Coach....

You Clients Become Better Served....

And Your Life Is Different...In The Best Possible Way!
Well...Let's Do This Together!
These are the frameworks that produce results...
The Freedom Frameworks Is Designed To Help You Build The Business You've Always Envisioned - Without All The Overwhelm!
The 9-Step Program delivers the tools and techniques to build the business of your dreams and get you on the road to freedom...over the next 99 days!
How Can This Program Help Me?
Get Some Real Clarity
The wider your audience the better, right? WRONG! You use our P2P Positioning Framework to learn why you need to define a niche - and how!
Set Your Program Apart
You'll learn our 3-step process for creating your own signature system that sells!  Set yourself apart from the crowd by using your unique methodology to solve client problems!
Design Your Business
You'll learn the three crucial components of your market model and why you should NEVER get these out of order. (and why it will cost you thousands if you do)
Attract Quality Clients
Would you rather be famous or financially free? There is a difference that could be dangerous to ignore. You'll learn how to attract the right clients every day - without wasting valuable time and money trying to be the next social media rockstar.
Master Your Message
 In the online world, value-added marketing is an absolute must. You will learn how to use the single most effective tool in marketing that will save you countless hours wasted on content creation. It's time to up-leveling your content marketing game!
Sell Without Stress
The purpose of marketing is to make sales easy. Once you master the basics, your sales process will convert leads into paying customers with minimal effort - with or without you at the wheel! The days of "salesy" pitches and high-pressure pitches are over.
Lead With Leverage
You will learn the "little things" that make a big difference in helping you reach ultimate level of freedom and performance. From group coaching to building rockstar Freedom Frameworks™ that save countless hours, the key to freedom starts here.
Man Your Machines
Every business....yes, EVERY business is the same once you strip away all the smoke and mirrors. Learn the anatomy of a coaching business and you can troubleshoot, repair, and accelerate ANY part of your operations. This is what they never teach in ANY marketing course!
99 Days To Freedom
Do you know why "challenges" rarely work? We do! And that is why we do things a bit different! You will set up a game-changing 99 Day accountability system that is actually sustainable and will launch your business (and your clients) to the next level! GAME ON!
So What's Included In This Amazing Program?
9-Weeks of Content + 99 Days of Implementation!
The Freedom Frameworks™ are delivered in what we call The 99 Days To Freedom™ Cycle.  You'll learn all you need over the course of 9 weeks through weekly video sessions.  But I don't just leave you hanging!

I'll be right beside you as you utilize our 99 Days Implementation System to help you utilize everything you've learned!
Your Exclusive Learning Center
You'll have access to my private online learning center where all your course modules will be stored for the life of the program!

You can post questions, get support and comment on all the material, 24/7.
LIVE Coaching Calls With Kevin
You'll have exclusive access to two (2) LIVE coaching calls with me every month!

Stuck on something?  Need clarification?  Want me to look at your stuff?  Jump on a coaching call - I'm here to help! 
Your Freedom Frameworks Playbook
Every module comes with its own framework and worksheets to make the content easy to understand and implement!  

As content gets updated and improved, you have access to all the latest and greatest!  ...just download the new version and check it out!
Private Facebook Group!
Get support from peers and mentors in The Coaches Roundtable.'

Post wins, challenges, questions and comments and get feedback from others who are sharing your journey!  You are never alone in this program!!

If You're Ready To Grow Your Coaching Business, There Is NO Better Place To Get It Done....And With These Bonuses... There Is NO Better Time!
Don't get in your own way now...
Let's Get Started Now!
It's Risk Free! 
Your Money Back Guarantee
The 99 Days to Freedom Implementation Program comes with a 21 Day Money-back Guarantee.... but we don't stop there!  

We promise you'll have a better-defined coaching program - built to usher in more clients, more free time, and allow you to have a greater impact. You'll develop a coaching program built to deliver results, built to sell, and built to match the lifestyle you want.

I'm an easy-going, light-hearted person, but I also take your coaching program as seriously as I take mine. I believe in my program and if you apply what you learn inside - you'll see results.

If during the first 21 days, you utilize the program and are not satisfied, OR, if at ANYTIME, if you decide my team or I have not done what we've promised, and don't make it right...we'll return your money. Period. 

And just to be crystal clear on the value here... we have dealt with countless clients over the years, and have never had a single request for a refund!
It's Time To Step Forward Into Growth or Backwards Into Safety....
You now have a great program to serve you...

... you have access at an unbelievable price...

... and you have a risk-free guarantee..

... AND all the bonuses to help you along the way!

Is this program 99 days long?
The learning (content) portion of the program was 8 weeks, but we just added another bonus module to make it 9 weeks. But that's not the end. After all, we implement the Freedom Frameworks™ in a 99-Day performance system!  We continue to support and walk beside you through your mastery of and entire 99-day program sprint with coaching calls, access to the learning center, the private facebook group, email correspondence and more. We give you access to everything you need to work your sprints to perfection even after the program is over!!!! We don't leave anyone hanging!

Is the 99-Days Program a productivity system?
No - It's much more. Productivity is a fantastic piece of our program, but not all of it. We focus on designing, delivering and growing a coaching business using the Freedom Frameworks™.  Productivity pointed in the wrong direction will just get you broke faster!  The 99-Day Implementation Program is a full circle deal - profitability, productivity, performance, coaching, and accountability.
Is the program self-paced or live?
The program is meant to drive your pace. After all, we want to get stuff done and move on the the next thing! However all of the coaching modules are recorded so once you have access to a module - you can go back and watch it at you own pace. Our LIVE coaching calls are just that - LIVE.
Will I work directly with Kevin?
Currently, all LIVE coaching calls are with Kevin directly. Yes, you can ask Kevin questions during the Live Coaching Call, and you’ll be able to get your answers right away. The recorded training modules are also delivered by Kevin. There will be occasional guests that may assist in delivering content within their specialties as well!! Those of you who enroll in The Workroom Program also receive two additional Accelerator Sessions™ with Kevin to help get the results your looking for even faster.
When are the training calls?
The Live Coaching Calls for the 99 Days Implementation Program™ are run twice a month and the Workroom Accelerator Sessions are every week on Tuesdays for those in the Workroom™ Mastermind Group. You can get the updates and schedules and links to sessions inside the Private Facebook group (you get access when you join). The Specialist Sessions for The Workroom™ may change from month to month, but are typically on Thursdays. NOTE: Schedule is subject to change
Will the materials be shipped to me?
Everything you need will be available to you inside our private online learning center. Members of The Workroom™ program will receive a "special delivery", but the contents are a closely held secret and shipped from our secret hideaway in the deep woods of northwest Pennsylvania!
How is this different than other online courses?
The 99-Days Implementation Program focuses on the 3 CORE AREAS of a high performance coaching program: Your MODEL your MARKETING and your business MECHANICS. The program focuses on increasing the freedom in your life by creating more FREE TIME, INCOME, and IMPACT. Created FOR coaches, BY a coach.
What is my weekly time commitment?
You’ll be able to finish each module in less than 2 hours. Of course we also suggest that you tune into the coaching calls that are available to you. These are typically an hour in length and are available twice every month. If you join the 99 Days Workroom™, there are additional calls and some advanced implementation you will probably be taking advantage of, so keep that in mind.
How much does it cost?
The complete program is $1500, or three payments of $500. All payments are in US Dollars. If you have an established coaching business and want to accelerate growth with more access and more support, you may want to check out The Workroom™
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